Hitchcock got it right with “Rear Window”: action / reaction. That’s basically how I’ve been putting together this entire story. Because while we were running around the Jurassic Park play area “reacting to things,” there wasn’t a lot of things to react to. Not a lot of dinosaurs. Maybe a few geckos running around, but that’s about it.

So, taking photos from other sections of the park or from other sources and you can kind of make it seem like they’re taking place in the same area.


So we’re in November now. There are some things you need to do this month:

1) Vote. It’s a presidential election, so it’s kind of important.
2) Give thanks with your family. Because, you know, that’s an important holiday.
3) Attend Kollision Con, find me at the show, attend my panels and buy my books.
4) Eat lots of turkey. Which kind of ties into the second thing, above.

So, you know…let’s get on it!