Went to Ren Faire again, and wanted to try to do something a little different. Unfortunately, with a smaller group and more focus on enjoying the show instead of taking pictures (and also not wanting to repeat more of the same from the epic Ren Faire arc that preceded this one), I made a handful of fun one-off strips.

This first one was of a well we hadn’t seen last year. It had water coming out of the mouths of these little gnome heads. Beth even tried to put her finger in one of their noses. :)

There were many other things we saw that were there last year, but different this year (so still fun). Like the flame jugglers, jousting tournament, turkey legs, and yes – goblets of mead!

If you’ve never been to Ren Faire (or haven’t been in a while), I highly recommend checking it out. Tons of fun for the whole family.