These guys made an appearance in the previous Ren Faire arc, but unfortunately the same mannequins were not at the Ren Faire this year. Well, at least not in their same spots. And one was missing a head, replaced with a skull. And their armor was totally different.

The point is, I couldn’t take new pictures. They had some new mannequins up, but why confuse people with new adult characters at this time? Plus, they weren’t wearing different colored armor, so it’s not like I could do other knights talking about stuff. Maybe next year.

However, it was fun to further develop the relationship of these two “manly men” who, turns out, they’re gay. Too bad for them the manliest of them all, the female Red Knight, will probably kill them when she finds out what they’ve done.

I’m sure we’ll see these characters again sometime down the road. Periodic check-ins, and all that.