You animals! How could you pervert this abomination of nature!? Damn you! Damn you all to hell!

Of course, why Trevor wants to stop the eggs from hatching is anyone’s guess (that’s called a plot hole, gang). He clearly made money off selling that dino-DNA somehow…and what they did with it was, well, turn it into talking dinosaurs.

Let the chaos begin!


Do you like comic books? Do you like comic book conventions? Well, I’m going to be selling comic books at a comic book convention this weekend, and you should come there to buy some books.

I’m attending Mid-Ohio Comic Con this weekend (booth 1203), selling my wares and having a good time. Be sure to swing by and say hi.

I may have something super-secret to show you….


LOCATION: Columbus, OH
DATES: September 29-30
Look for Trevor Mueller in Artist Alley booth #1203

DATES: October 11-14
Look for Reading with Pictures in Small Press (booth #3139), and be sure to stop by our numerous panels throughout the weekend

CONVENTION: Kollision Con
LOCATION: St Charles, IL
DATES: November 23-25
Look for Trevor Mueller in Artist Alley, along with fellow comic creators Russell Lissau and Gabriel Bautista