When I was a little kid, I loved to climb trees. Outdoors were awesome. I mean, the internet didn’t exist yet and video games weren’t very advanced, so there was really nothing keeping me inside. So when I was growing up, I wanted my house to be a tree fort. To a degree, this dream has never left me.

So when you’re put into a giant tree fort playset as an adult, these dreams come out strongly. I had so much fun playing around this area – crawling through tunnels, going under water falls, climbing rope ladders and through rope tunnels. Seriously, it was a blast.


Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s officially my second favorite holiday (after my birthday…which is only days away), and a time to dress up and act like someone else for a day.

It’s like cosplaying at a convention, but it’s a national holiday. Everyone does it. And it’s totally acceptable. Even for adults. Or so I keep telling myself.

What are you going as for Halloween?